GO4SAP is a solution for optimizing and automating your SAP environment

Did you know that companies spend in average 74% of their SAP budgets on operations and administration? IT organizations have trouble to run complex SAP environments efficiently.
Reported by SAP based on SAP customer example in 2012

Quick ROI – Payback in 7 months


SAP Install


SAP Daily Routines


SAP Application Lifecycle


SAP Maintenance


SAP is a popular but complex system to deploy and maintain. IT organizations spend a lot of time performing tasks manually such as daily SAP system checks, admin tasks, document changes and scripting.
The HPE GO4SAP Starter Edition solution delivered by InovaPrime, a HPE Software Partner, offers companies great benefits and savings within their SAP environments.

See what GO4SAP can do for your business!

What if you could automate your operational and administrative SAP processes end-to-end no matter which SAP software, version, database or hardware components you are currently running?

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